Digital Lebanon:

“Digital Lebanon Conference” to Discusses Lebanon’s Digital Economy

“Digital Lebanon Conference” to Discusses Lebanon’s Digital Economy


Under the patronage of Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Saad Hariri, the Digital Lebanon Conference will launch its activities this Friday the 13th of September 2019 starting 9:30 A.M., at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut.

The conference will be attended by the concerned Ministers, in particular, Minister of Telecommunications, H.E. Mr. Mohammed Choucair, Minister of State for Administrative Reforms, H.E. Dr. May Chidiac, Minister of State for Investment and Technology, H.E. Mr. Adel Afiouni and former Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Atef Helmy.

Digital Lebanon will also host startups and Lebanese and international figures in the field of information and communications most notably the Director of Consumer Banking at Bank of Beirut, Georges Aouad, Director General at Ogero, Imad Kreidieh, Senior Vice President of Digital Payments and Labs at Mastercard in the Middle East and Africa, Gaurang Shah, Lead Governance Specialist at World Bank Group, Paul Wilton, Acting Chairman and General Manager of Tripoli Special Economic Zone, Dr. Hassan Dennaoui, Partner at Spark Consulting , Sevag Papazian, Partner at Arthur D Little , Dr. Raymond Khoury, Managing Partner at Faith Capital,Abdulaziz Al-Loughani, and Strategic Business Development Manager for the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Central Europe at Oracle, Sinem Kaya.

Digital Lebanon Conference will discuss the government’s plan to develop Lebanon’s digital economy, attracting investments to related sectors, enhancing Lebanon's global role in the digital field, and encouraging emerging projects. It also aims to lure Lebanese and international experts to discuss the institutional aspects that help develop the digital economy in Lebanon, attract investments from private and international companies and integrate Lebanon into the digital economy supply chain.

The conference also addresses enhancing start-ups role and providing the key elements necessary for their success and sustainability. It highlights the use of the fifth generation of mobile networks, Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, data centers and other technologies that are at the core of the digital transformation process.

In this context, the Minister of Telecommunications, H.E. Mr. Mohammed Choucair stated, “Organizing a conference dedicated towards digital economy in Lebanon is a significant development as it answers to the major trends unfolding in the global economy. It also comes in line with the government’s efforts to move forward with digital transformation as more developed countries have gone digital in the recent years. It also convenes following the last Arab Economic Summit in Beirut which pledged to establish a $200 million fund dedicated for investments in technology and digital economy in the region.”

Whereas the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, H.E. Dr. May Chidiac said that, “The timing of this event could not be more appropriate as the Government of Lebanon embarks on a digital economy journey while transforming government operations into citizen-centric and digital by design services.  This endeavour requires the collective efforts of the entire Lebanese society and diaspora.”

From his side, Minister of State for Investment and Technology, H.E. Mr. Adel Afiouni said, “The conference is taking place at a pivotal time for Lebanon and is a clear indication of our country’s commitment to the Knowledge Economy and our ambition to turn Lebanon into a major regional hub for the digital era.”

Adding “Our objective is to build a modern and competitive business environment that will attract investments from international and Lebanese institutions into the digital sector, and to support and empower local businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs and help them grow and create jobs and value for our citizens.”

Afiouni mentioned, “The efforts made to encourage large multinationals as well as small and medium size foreign companies to use Lebanon as a regional platform and to establish local presence including research and development offices and centres of excellence in Lebanon. Hence leveraging the many competitive advantages that we offer, including a tremendous pool of educated talent and skilled labour.”  

Adding, “This conference is convening during a time where our government’s priority is to build a modern, productive and sustainable economy, the knowledge economy sector constitutes one of our biggest opportunities for Lebanon and a chance for our country and for its youth.”

Digital Lebanon Conference is co- organized by the Ministry of Telecommunications, the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reforms (OMSAR), the Ministry of State for Investment and Technology, the Office of the Prime Minister, the World Bank, and Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal.

It is also sponsored by a number of Lebanese and international companies including Bank of Beirut, Touch Lebanon, Ogero, CSC Bank, Leading Alliance, Oracle, ICT and Banque Libano-Française.