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Nadim Z. Khater
Chief Commercial OfficerTouch

Nadim Z. Khater is the Chief Commercial Officer at touch, the leading Lebanese wireless operator and part of Zain group. Nadim has developed solid acumen in both the technical and commercial dimensions of the telecommunication industry having served as HR Director, IT Director and finally CCO. Before joining Zain Group in 2004, Nadim worked as a consultant at Accenture delivering projects for telecommunication companies in the Middle East region. Nadim’s passion lies in marketing and building value propositions that make companies relevant and profitable. He values simplicity, transparency, and results. Nadim holds a master degree in engineering management from Virginia Tech, USA. Along with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the American University of Beirut. Nadim is a member of the board of a local mobile payments startup and a member of the investment committee of a local VC fund.


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